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Agriculture is back bone of the Indian economy. After independence, a Rural credit Survey was conducted by Government of India to look into the situation of the farmer of the country. The report of the Rural Credit Survey disclosed that 2 to 3 of rural credit is being provided by the institutional agency. Rest of farmers depended on rural sahukars for their, agricultural needs. They charged high rate of interest and it was impossible for farmers to pay such interest. Major part of their income goes to return of interest to sahukars. The Rural Credit Survey committee suggested for early establishment of institutional financing agency for meeting the long term credit needs of the people of the country. On the suggestion of the above committee, Land Mortgage Banks were established in various State and later on they came to be known as Land Development Bank. The Bihar State Co-operative Land Development Bank was registered under the Co-operative Societies Act, in December 1957 (Registration No.24/Pat 1957) with a clear mandate to Act as a financing institution for long term investment for agriculture development project.

After the reorganization of Bihar in the year 2000, Jharkhand State came into existence. Under provision of the State reorganization Act 1956(37 of 1956) the Bank deemed Registered under Multi State Co-operative Societies Act 2002(section 103). The Central Registrar of Co-operative Societies, New Delhi allotted Registration No. MSCS-CR-277/2008. Now the area of operation of the Bank is Bihar and Jharkhand States.


The basic objective of the Bank is to provide long term credit facilities to the farmers of Bihar and Jharkhand State. The main purposes are taken for financing is as follow:-

  • Creation of various resources of irrigation.
  • Farm Mechanizations (Tractor/ Power tiller/ Thresher/ Sprayers etc.).
  • Various Component relating to agriculture base activities Such as, Dairy, Poultry, Fisheries Piggery, Goatry etc.
  • Horticulture and Plantation.
  • Non farm activities establishment of small, cottage and Tiny ¬†industries also loan for transport operation for purchase of vehicle to carrying agriculture produce to market.
  • Besides above activities the bank provides loan for other purposes taking into viability of the project.

Individual over 18 Years of age residing in the area of operation of the Bank shall be enrolled as individual Members upon fulfilling the following:-

  • Applied in writing in the prescribed form.
  • Paid admission fee.

Since, the Bank loan is Security Oriented, the applicant is required to mortgage his/her un-encumbered land in favor of the Bank. In order to prove his/her title over the land proposed to be mortgaged, he/she has to submit the relevant documents. The documents may be in the form of registered sale deed, survey Khatian, deed of gift or exchange etc. Besides, rent receipts of the current year pertaining to these lands are also required to be submitted by the applicants along with the prescribed  loan application form in duplicate. Application form may be obtained from branches of the Bank by paying required Fee. Loans are issued 50% value of mortgage Land.

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